Wednesday, February 3, 2010

From Mom


This is how I did it: chopped some garlic & jalapeno pepper & mixed in with the meat.
Fried some mushrooms & sweet red pepper, separately, in good Cretan olive oil - put in toaster oven to keep warm.
Cooked hamburger; just before done put some sliced mozzarella cheese on top & covered w. a pot lid till melted.
Served on bread (roll would have been even better) with a little mustard, mushrooms & sweet pepper both on top, and as a side.

Easy, quick, delicious meal!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Superbowl Chili cook off...

Okay we are putting out the call:

The First Annual Chili Cook Off is starting this weekend. We all are gonna cook up some Chili, watch a slice of american (The Superbowl) and get spicy! Holla

Thursday, June 25, 2009

...Salmon Bites

Easy to make bites. This version uses a Lays type 'thick' potato chip, salmon, sour cream, a shot of Sirachi and a garnish of can also make it with small rounds of Dark Rye...bam!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

...Argentine Wine and Steak

An Oakland hills BBQ, complete with chicken kabobs, steak and a "hybrid" (not really but I just like using that term) Argentinian White Wine...not sure what type of wine it was but it had a crisp, fruity, tangy palette to it (does that even sound like I know what Im talking about?) Anyway not a big wine guy but this one hit the spot.

...a.m. goodness

I can't tell you how good this donut was. It was so good that I actually had to take a bite before I could even take a photo of it...anyway needless to say even at 5pm it was fresh, soft and delicious...

...Vietnamese Superstar

This is a Pork Sandwich from a Cafe off Market Street, where you can get the sandwich, a donut and an Orange soda for around 4 bucks. The sandwich comes with green chilis, carrots and a sweet sauce. Awesome...

...Rebel with a cause

Czech Rebel on a saturday afternoon. I mean "forget about it". In the background you will notice a Ten dollar "wine vodka" Lemon Drop...questionable to say the least. Courtesy of The Occidental Pub.